About Philip J Bradbury

Welcome to my books, to my many genres …

Check out my website at http://www.philipjbradbury.com

Don’t ask what genre I write in as I write in them all – non-fiction, novels, novelettes, short stories, flash fiction, poetry and songs.

There is, however, a single theme – to help you find peace, to find your place in the world and to rediscover the you that you lost somewhere along the way. I share your hope that my words will help you unlock the prison you’re in, the current drama you can’t find your way out of. I share your hope and willingness to find your passion, your wings and take on the life you’re born to experience. It is my hope for me as well.

You see, I spent twenty years in the wrong occupation. One year of accounting and I knew we didn’t fit each other. But I stayed. Why?

Years later, I realised I’d stayed bored and desperate to please my father, and, later, to please my wife. They were people O could not please. We can only please ourselves.

Once I’d realised I was in a rut – a grave with the ends kicked out – I felt stuck. I didn’t know what else I could do and, besides, the good money provided for my family. I had responsibilities and had to go on. I couldn’t let them down. But I let me down.

My father’s anger and abuse came from his feeling of entrapment and in not allowing his spirit to soar … and not knowing how to release himself from his self-built prison. I’d followed his example – sticking with a job that sucked me dry – and became more and more angry and depressed.

But spirit will have its day, if we give it its say when we get out of our way. There was no great sea-change event work-wise, though the divorce was traumatic, sad and releasing. Work-wise, I quietly slipped sideways, inching my way into teaching and then, because of my twenty wasted years, started facilitating personal development courses and running men’s groups. It took me no time to realise I was a lousy accountant and a long time to realise I was a helluva’ good teacher. I loved it and, twenty years later, still do.

Between them, accounting and teaching have taken me to many countries, to many experiences and to many amazing people. Nothing is for nothing and everything counts.

For a time, I popped back into doing accounting to pay the bills but, when I did, I became such a horrible person to live with that my wife now forbids me from ever doing it again. As always, I totally agree with her! So I stick with teaching accounting – not doing it – along with teaching business development and personal development.

The teaching I do comes in many guises – corporate training, university lecturing, school teaching, personal development seminars, all the books I write and who I’m being in every minute of my life.

So, to you. If you’re in the wrong space – work-wise, relationship-wise, location-wise or just unwise – you won’t be able to give your best and receive your best till you get wise about the choices you’re making … the choices in your actions, words and, most importantly, your thoughts. I sincerely hope my words can help bring you back to wisdom, back home and back to the peace you know is there.

The dream I’ve realised for myself is the dream I have for you. I write for both of us.

Professional profile

Click to see my 14 books on Amazon here.

Summary list of writing/publishing experiences
• Publisher of books
• Commissioning Editor for Business Books
• Publisher of national magazine,
• Website Editor/Writer
• Columnist for magazines in four countries,
• Writer of 14 published books,
• Editor for national magazine,
• Reporter for weekly newspaper,
• Professional freelance writer, proof-reader and editor for clients in Australia, Czech Republic, Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Romania, Arabia, Britain, Canada and America.

In social media:

Website: www.philipjbradbury.com

Other blog: https://flashfictionfanatic.wordpress.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorphilipbradbury

Linked In: http://linkd.in/riS92t

Amazon profile: www.amazon.com/-/e/B004Y4HPBK

Smashwords profile: http://bit.ly/ouJ30k

Personal Profile

In New Zealand I experienced life as an accountant, credit manager and company director, shepherd, scrub-cutter, tree pruner, freezing worker, plastics factory worker, saxophonist, army driver, tour bus driver, stage and television actor and singer, builder, lecturer, facilitator for men’s groups, reporter, columnist, magazine editor, publisher, writer …

In South Africa as an AIDS workshop co-facilitator …

In the Australian bush as a barman, horse and camel trekker and stock-whip teacher …

In England as a contract accountant, corporate trainer, estate manager, lecturer, singer/songwriter, website editor/writer and freelance writer …

Back in Australia I’m renovating houses, teaching and writing … and wondering what’s next!


1 Response to About Philip J Bradbury

  1. archecotech says:

    I think I like the camel trekker is the best – can’t think of anything I’d rather not do more than this. But like yourself I’ve worked countless of different kinds of jobs – And made it a career to try them all. The creative monkey in my pocket will allow nothing less.


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